Hand Lettering 101: Quote Layout

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another blog post. Today I’m going to be talking all about the layout of your pieces! When hand lettering, layout is so very important when working with longer quotes, signage, cards, or really anything! It’s the layout of your work that brings balance to the overall piece, and makes itContinue reading “Hand Lettering 101: Quote Layout”

Brush Pens Galore!

Hey everyone! When I first started lettering, my immediate captivation was the use of the brush pens for the thick and thin lines, but I had no idea how many different brands, types, and sizes of these brush pens there were! I want to share my favorites, and least favorites, with you here so youContinue reading “Brush Pens Galore!”

How to Make Stickers!

Hey everyone! Over this quarantine break, I’ve decided to try LOTS of new arts and crafts projects! My favorite one so far though, has been creating stickers! With some trial and error, and lots of research on the best products for making your own stickers at home, I have decided to help you with theContinue reading “How to Make Stickers!”


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