Brush Pens Galore Pt. 2

I know that I had posted Brush Pens Galore in September of 2020, but I promised there would be a part two! I’m back again to share some of my favorite pens, and some of my not so favorite pens, for brush lettering! If you didn’t get a chance to view the first part, find it here!

I shared about Croma markers, Ohuhu brush pens, Karin markers, and Tombow dual brush pens last time, and I have an even better line-up today! Today i’m sharing about Sakura gelly roll pens, Posca paint pens, Ecoline brush pens, and Crayola markers!

Sakura Gelly Rolls

One of the first pens I ever bought, were a set of neon gelly roll pens from Paper Source. On a road-trip home from Arizona, I wanted to keep myself busy and decided that these pens should do the trick. I hadn’t started lettering at this point, but also didn’t have any brush pens available to me. I vividly remember using these gel pens for the first time and falling in love. They have the most amazing application and they come in the most outstanding colors. Although they aren’t a typical brush pen like I would prefer, they are amazing for faux-ligraphy. In order to create the thick lines you need to go back over the thin lines multiple times, rather than just applying more pressure!

Here are pictures of the pens, and a link to the most basic set! They come in all sorts of sets and some of their pens have the coolest effects. Certain sets will even change color after a few seconds!

Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens - Fluorescent Assorted Colors, Set of 10, Fine Point

Overall, I would totally recommend these to any beginner. They write so incredibly smooth, and they are great for learning the basics of lettering!

Posca Paint Pens

These are another one of my favorites that aren’t a brush pen. I have experimented with lots of paint pens over the years, with some of my previous paint pens being the Elmer’s white paint pen or the Sharpie paint pen, but I was gifted these Posca paint pens this last Christmas. I didn’t expect too much, but I had seen them all over social media. I am so glad that I was given them, and wish I had gotten them sooner! The paint is super opaque and the colors are so vibrant, which I love. I know they have some colors that are a little more dull or pastel-like, but I love the basic, bright neon pack I have!

Again, these aren’t brush pens but they have a similar use and purpose to the Sakura gelly rolls. They are great for faux-ligraphy and I like to use them for big bold words in simple, block-letter fonts.

Here is my set linked! You can also buy them individually, which may be way more cost effective if you know which colors you would like. I would for sure recommend blackand white.

Uni-Posca Paint Markers-Set of 8 Basic Colors, X-Fine Tip, 0.7 mm.  Front of package

These are totally one of my new favorites that I would recommend to everyone. I love the vibrancy and the flow of the ink.

Ecoline Brush pens

Ecoline brush pens have one of the best liquid inks of any brush pen I have. Comparable to Karin markers, the ink just flows so well and the colors are so beautiful. One of my favorite things about these markers, is that they have the same ink as the liquid watercolors that the company also sells. It’s a lot of fun to get the watercolor lettering effects without actually using watercolors–a nice hack, if you ask me! It’s way more efficient than getting all my watercolor supplies out and making a huge mess with paint. The only bone I have to pick with these pens is their easy ability to fray. If you don’t know what that means, it’s just when the special tip on brush pens, that gives them the ability to create the thick and thin lines, can get all wonky and make your lines not look at smooth. Besides their ability to fray, they are pretty good pens.

I have purchased a set of these brush pens, but I’ve also bought a few colors individually! I would recommend getting the set to start out and give you a wider variety of color options! These pens are great for blending, and the more colors you have the more opportunities you have to experiment with blending!

Assorted Colors, Set of 20  Outside of Package

I would totally recommend these pens, but they are pricier than most others. Despite the price difference, I’ve had mine for almost four years now and they’re still working great!

Crayola Markers

You know them, and you love them! I think you’d be lying if you said you have never used a Crayola marker in your life, and I’m sure you’re thinking I’m crazy for talking about them here, but before you get ahead of yourself let me convince you otherwise. Crayola markers are cheap, vibrant, and the tips are great for learning brush lettering. One of my biggest regrets was starting to learn how to hand letter with brush pens before Crayola markers. I totally ruined a $30 set of brush pens because I didn’t know how to properly hold them, and the tips got destroyed! If I would’ve known to start with Crayola markers I would’ve saved myself money and frustration. Working with brush pens for the first time is HARD. I know lots of people make it look so easy, but believe me I’ve had my fair of struggles with a good ‘ole brush pen. Crayola markers have the perfect flexibility in their tips that is able to give you the thick and thin disparity that makes hand lettering so pretty, while not allowing for all of the movement with a brush pen tip. I would recommend Crayola super tips, for the thinner barrel that grants a little more control, but regular Crayola markers work just about as well!

I have all sorts of Crayola markers but, like I said, I would recommend the super tips! You can totally order them, but I’d even run to your local dollar store or Target! Crayola Super Tips Markers, Washable Markers, 20 Count: Toys &  Games

I would recommend these to anyone who is just starting out. They are the cheapest and easiest of all the pens to use!

Alright, I think that’s all for today! I would also recommend purchasing my practice sheets to start your hand lettering journey! They work with all brush pens, crayola markers included, and they could even work for faux-ligraphy, although I have some new worksheets coming out soon for that!

If you have any questions for me, message me on social media or under the “Contact” tab!


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