Brush Pens Galore!

Hey everyone!

When I first started lettering, my immediate captivation was the use of the brush pens for the thick and thin lines, but I had no idea how many different brands, types, and sizes of these brush pens there were!

I want to share my favorites, and least favorites, with you here so you don’t have to spend all of the money and time testing them for yourself!

Okay, but before we begin, we must go over a few brush pen basics!

First, when it comes to brush pens, there are a range of sizes that can be great for many different uses, but you need to know what you want. Some brush pens are small, like the Tombow Fudenosuke, and are great if you want to write a long quote, or want a smaller font. Bigger brush pens, such as the Ecoline Watercolor Brush Pens, are great for bigger writing projects, and have a much juicier flow.

Second, brush pens all have different inks, allowing for different effects and color vibrancy. Tombow Dual Brush Pens often lay a flatter color, whereas a Karin Brush Pen, lay a much more dimensional color because they use watercolor ink.

Finally, some brush pens are way easier to get than others! I prefer to buy mine from Michael’s or Amazon, but certain markers are only available through a specific website, making them a little trickier to get. Pens like Karin Markers, are only sold through their website, but I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Alright, now, let’s get into the markers!

Karin Markers

Karin markers are my all time favorite marker. I’m not sure if they’ll every be topped in my books. These brush pens offer such a beautiful array of colors, a sleek design, and the most vibrant washes of color. The only downside to these markers, however, is that they are very expensive and you can only order them online, rather that purchasing them in a store or on amazon. The shipping is rather fast, though, even from out of the country!

Karin Markers - newly lowered price! in 2020 | Gel pens set, Art pens and  markers, Marker art

I first purchased the biggest set possible, because I had wanted these markers for MONTHS and decided to splurge! If you’re not like me, though, the markers do come in smaller sets, which would honestly be great because the colors are very mixable and easily mixed with watercolors or other brush markers! In the picture above, I would honestly recommend the top right set. It has the perfect range of colors, with a much more affordable price tag.

Click the image below to go to their website, and get the set I have! Or click here to find them on Amazon!

Ohuhu Brush Pens

Ohuhu is a fantastic brand, that more recently came out with a set of brush pens. These pens are very affordable, and they have a wide variety of colors in a set. I got the set of 60 markers, and really like the packaging and the markers. I first heard about this brand when I bought a set of their alcohol based art markers, and love them. The brush pens, aren’t one of my “go to’s” however. I prefer many markers over them, because these markers aren’t the brightest and don’t have the best ink flow. I, also, personally prefer brighter, more saturated colors though.

Although they’re not my go-to marker, I would still recommend them especially for the price point!

Ohuhu Art Markers Dual Tips Coloring Brush Fineliner Color Pens, 60 Colors  Of Wa | eBay

Here is the set of 60 linked here on amazon!

Croma Markers

Croma markers, are an awesome alcohol based marker. They offer such a beautiful range of colors and they blend beautifully. The price point is pretty typical for alcohol based markers, but they do come in smaller sets with a wider range of colors, then say Copic markers.

I have a set of 10 markers, but if I were to purchase these markers again I’d go for a bigger set. The color variety in the set of 10 is good but not great. One part that is particularly nice about this brand, is the shape of the markers and the marker bags/cases. The markers come in a great case, and the shape of the marker barrels is wonderful! Croma Lite Brush Dual Tip Alcohol Based Sketch Markers, 72  Manga Set, for Coloring Manga, Comic, Illustrations, Art, Industrial  Design, Professional Artists, with Cotton Canvas Bag

Here is a set of 48 linked here!

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Tombow dual brush pens were, and still are, one of the best brush pens that have been out since I’ve begun my lettering career. These brush pens have one of the most flexible tips of any pen I have. The color variety with these pens is also super awesome. They come in, I believe, at least 96 colors. I actually don’t own every color, and have never purchased the largest set, although I wish I had. I have now purchased around 6 sets of these markers, and have purchased a few colors individually. My favorite Tombow brush pen is actually a really light gray that I use for shadows on most of my lettering pieces.

Tombows are very easy to get, too, which is a huge added bonus! I prefer to order mine on amazon, because they’re usually way cheaper than buying them at Michael’s. Michael’s however, will occasionally have sales on the 10 marker sets, and I like to buy them then too.

Here is a link to the huge set!
Here is a link to one of my favorite smaller sets!

Okay, so those are some of my favorite/not so favorite markers for ya’! Thank you for stopping by and reading; I hope you found something helpful! Within the next week, I’m going to make a part two to this post, with some other brush markers that I love and some that I don’t!


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