How to Make Stickers!

Hey everyone!

Over this quarantine break, I’ve decided to try LOTS of new arts and crafts projects! My favorite one so far though, has been creating stickers!

With some trial and error, and lots of research on the best products for making your own stickers at home, I have decided to help you with the basics!

The first thing you’re going to want to look into is a printer. When looking for a printer, I’d try to look for an ink-jet, photo printer. When printing art pieces, you’re going to want the vibrancy and the quality that a photo printer has. I personally chose to go with an HP printer, that wasn’t too pricey! It has cheap ink refill options, and it has great printing quality. Let me link it here.

The next thing to look into, is your sticker paper!

This took a little experimenting, and it also has to do with your personal preferences. I wanted my stickers to be matte, but also waterproof. I also wanted to make sure my sticker paper was easy to get, especially if I run out, and don’t get stuck with sheets and sheets of unused paper.

The sticker paper that is my current favorite, and that I use for my stickers, I found it on amazon in a 15 piece pack. I’ll link it here!

Also-a little tip- make sure that you know which way to put your sticker paper into the paper tray on your printer, so you don’t waste any of the paper!

Finally, the most important part of the sticker making process, you need to decide on which sticker cutting machine you want!

I did lots of research on this topic and decided to go with the Cricut Explore Air 2. The two big machines popular for making stickers, are the Silhouette and Cricut. I ended up choosing the Cricut because I liked the software and use better. I also got the Explore, rather than the Maker, because it was more cost effective, and for only making stickers the Explore is perfect.

Here is the machine linked here!

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