Share the Love: Week 4!

Hey everyone!

My brother came home last week from his 2 year church mission, but it was very abrupt and caused us to miss the real week 4 of “Share the Love”! One of the things he has been teaching us since he’s been home, though, is that we must love everyone as Christ did. We must be charitable and must love everyone. This week, we brought you a great quote by Mother Teresa, that talks about love. This quote is so perfect for the idea of charity, and will totally brighten someone’s day.

To help share the love, print out this print(file linked below), color it in, attach it to a little treat/goody and drop off to your friends or family! It’s such a small and simple act, that can bring so much joy, in such a scary time in our world!

Tag me( and @steph.weaver in your pictures, we’d love to see how you’re helping to “Share the Love”!


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