My Favorite Sakura of America Products!

Hey y’all!

Today I wanted to share all of my favorite Sakura of America products with you!

I have partnered with Sakura a few times now, and they are the most incredible company! They have the nicest people working for them, and they were so easy to work with.

Being my very first collaboration with a big brand, I’m sure you would get how excited I was when they reached out! I was able to guest post on their instagram, had an introduction post on their website, and even made a youtube video for one of their new products! It has been the coolest experience, and has opened many new doors for me and my lettering business.

Now, let’s get into the supplies!

Koi Watercolor Brush Pens

Koi watercolor brush pens hold a very special place in my lettering career. They were the first brush pens I bought and ultimately got me into my lettering career.

These brush pens are incredible. They work great as watercolors, and they are a great beginners pen. They come in a great variety of colors, at an affordable price, and they have a great flexible tip. They make lettering easy, and so fun!

Here is the link to the Koi Watercolor Brush Pens!

Fine Point Micron Pens

Fine point micron pens have been around forever, and they were another one of the tools I’ve been using since I’ve started. I originally just had the set of black in different tip sizes, and they were great for ‘faux-ligraphy’, which is just calligraphy, but using a fine point pen instead of a brush pen! This was a great beginners tool! The ink flow is great, the pen barrel is perfect, and they last a long time, however they are quite expensive! I would say they are totally worth the price, and are the perfect supply to start your lettering journey!

Here is the link to the black set of these micron pens!

Colored Set!

Koi Watercolor Pans

When we first started our collaboration, Sakura sent me a few boxes of supplies! One of the first things that caught my eyes were the watercolor sets! They were so cool! They come in the coolest travel size case, complete with an aqua brush, a sponge, and mixing plates! The colors are so vibrant and so easy to blend.

I really love these for the fun design and packaging. They make learning watercolors so easy and efficient. If you are going to buy one of these sets, however, I would make sure to order it or buy it with a coupon! I have realized that Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have these sets, but seem to have them marked at ridiculously high prices! But(life-hack!), both these craft stores ALWAYS have a 40% one item coupon! Just google it!

Here is the link to the watercolor set!

Gelly Roll Pens

Gelly rolls are some of the coolest pens ever. They have the coolest ink-flow, and come in the widest variety of colors. They have perfect opaque colors, that are also so fun for colorful ‘faux-ligrapy’! Gelly rolls come in so many fun sets, but I’d recommend the most basic neon set! They are the brightest pens that I own, and use them all the time to add little accents of color to my pieces!

Here’s the link to the neon gelly rolls!

Thank you all for reading! Let me know if you try any of these products out, or if you already have them! Let me know what you think! 🙂

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