Notebook Therapy Review!

Hey everyone!

I was so lucky to be sent over the coolest bullet journal and pop up pencil case by Notebook Therapy! I’ll like them both below, if you’re interested!

To start off, I was already excited to get a bullet journal with white pages! It might sound silly, but the white pages are much easier to photograph, and they make all of your work stand out so much more. It also feels much cleaner, which is necessary for me! This bullet journal, also has much thicker pages in the books, allowing my markers and pens to not bleed through the pages. This is also essential in keeping the clean aesthetic! Overall this bullet journal is perfect for me, and I am so excited to use it more!

The pencil case is awesome! The pop-up idea is great, and it holds any of my pens, even my tombows–which are very tall! I would definitely also recommend this pencil case, although I personally probably won’t use it too much. It will be great for travel, but not practical when I already have all of my pens stored at home!

Here is the Bullet Journal!

Here is the Pencil Pouch!

Here are some pictures of my first spreads!

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